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Your Columbus School for Girls package includes full access to the SMARTTRACK® College Funding program.
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You will learn how best to pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.
The first step to lower college costs? Create your account, take our secure 5-minute online Assessment and schedule your initial call with your SMARTTRACK® College Funding Advisor.
Create your account, complete our secure online assessment, and choose a convenient time for your initial call with your SMARTTRACK® College Funding Advisor. Your first call will focus on evaluating your current situation and how to improve it.
Your full service package includes
SMARTTRACK® ADVISOR – Work one-on-one with a SMARTTRACK® College Funding expert to develop a customized, comprehensive plan designed to help you best pay for college, pay less for college, and keep your retirement safe in the process. You will have one or more meetings depending on the complexity of your family’s financial profile.
SMART NAVIGATOR – Learn your family’s estimated cost to attend the schools on your child’s list and find out each school’s rating on our College Generosity Scale.
SMART SCHOLARSHIPS – Quickly locate over 15,000 merit scholarships offered by colleges around the U.S. in amounts from $2,000 to $40,000. Listings include eligibility requirements, if any, and the direct link to access the application.
SMART STEPS TUTORIALS & GUIDES – Submit financial aid applications correctly by educating yourself with presentations, videos, and articles covering the financial aid process from start-to-finish.
EFC CALCULATOR – Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is THE most important financial number when it comes to college. Colleges and the Government use the financial information that you give them on financial aid applications to calculate how much they think you can afford to pay before they offer any aid, grants and scholarships. Our proprietary EFC Calculator is far more accurate than other Net Price Calculators.
COLLEGE SEARCH – Find colleges and universities just right for your student. Search by name, state, institution type (public or private), enrollment size or campus setting.
FIND YOUR MAJOR – Some students start college with a major in mind. Many have no idea about what they want to study. Explore the different majors that are available and at which institutions.
1040 TAX STRATEGIES – The higher education system uses what you report on your tax return to determine what you will pay. Now you can use it to save money. This tool highlights strategies for nearly every line on your tax return.
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Why is SMARTTRACK® part of my package with Columbus School for Girls?
Columbus School for Girls knows that parents need to prepare for college, too! Students are more likely to attend their top-choice colleges when parents have a well-planned college funding strategy. SMARTTRACK® College Funding’s expert Advisors will help you develop and implement a comprehensive money-saving college funding plan.
We don’t expect to get financial aid because of our income and assets. How can you help us save money?
You might be surprised to learn that even with high income or assets, you can be eligible for gift aid. Additionally, HOW you pay for college and how you organize your taxes or business before and during the college years can lead to significant savings. Our SMARTTRACK® College Funding Advisors are experts at analyzing your financial profile to identify your best money-saving college funding strategies.
We are counting on scholarships for our student. What happens if we don’t get enough?
Our goal is to help you improve your grant potential and provide additional funding options to help you close the gap and reduce your dependence on loans.
Do both parents need to be on the initial call with our SMARTTRACK® College Funding Advisor?
If you are married, both you and your spouse should be on the call. You don’t have to be at the same location; we can conference you both in.
Is my information safe?
SMARTTRACK® employs high-tech, state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data. SMARTTRACK® never shares your data with any third party without your specific prior consent.
Why do I need a SMARTTRACK® Advisor if I already have an accountant or wealth manager?
Just as your CPA understands the tax code or your wealth manager understands the stock market, our College Funding Advisors have an expert understanding of how the financial aid system will assess your family and how to mitigate red flags in your financial profile that will be counted against you. Because college funding takes such specific expertise, your accountant or financial planner’s best intentions may actually limit your eligibility for aid.
Was SMARTTRACK® or any of its College Funding Advisors involved in the recent college admissions scandal?
No way! We assist you in how to pay Smart for college; your student is going to have to get into college on his/her own. However, SMARTTRACK® may be able to save you a lot of money without sacrificing your morals, ethics, and values.
Are you trying to sell me something?
Your Columbus School for Girls package includes SMARTTRACK® College Funding’s comprehensive services. There is nothing to purchase.
Even if you think you make too much money or have too many assets to qualify, you still may be able to qualify for significant scholarships, grants, and merit money.
Understanding how the financial aid formulas really work - and how you will be assessed by those formulas - can make a substantial difference in the amount of aid you are awarded.
There may be steps you can take right now to stretch your college funds to cover more of your college costs.
There are specific types of Savings Accounts that may reduce or eliminate your eligibility for grants, scholarships and merit money.
The way you structure your businesses, rental properties, taxes and estate can dramatically affect your college costs.
Because college funding takes such specific expertise, your accountant or financial planner’s best intentions may actually limit your eligibility for aid.
Expensive private colleges may be even more affordable than in-state public schools.
It’s crucial to know the most cost-effective, tax-advantaged college funding strategies specific to your family because these strategies can make college far easier to afford.
SMARTTRACK® College Funding can show you how to best pay for college, how to pay less for college, and how to keep your retirement safe in the process.

Lorraine S. Brooks

River Dell High School
Oradell, NJ

“This is very exciting - a genius program”

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Executive Director
Valley International Preparatory High
Los Angeles, CA

“This is a total No Brainer!”

Patrick Brett

Director of College and Career Center
North Penn High School
Lansdale, PA

“Families who use SMARTTRACK® come to the table informed and equipped to make the best decision for their unique situation.”

Kelly Richards

Director of College Counseling
St. George's School
Middletown, RI

“I really like that SMARTTRACK takes a balanced, ethical, and reasonable approach to help families pay for college.”

Tam Ly, MSW, MAEd, PPS

Director of Guidance and Counseling
La Salle College Preparatory
Pasadena, CA

“SMARTTRACK is an excellent resource for our families to help them structure their finances and plan for what's ahead. We have heard positive feedback from families so far and encourage them to use it early on.”


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“Appreciated asking questions to a real person who had answers and ideas I would not have thought of on my own.”

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“I think that families should be encouraged to start using SMARTTRACK® as soon as their child is in 9th grade, if not sooner.”

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“I wish I had this consultation when my daughter was a sophomore. The consultant was great at rewording his explanations and advice so I could be sure I understood.”
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